2013. október 9., szerda

Dissemination of COPERNICUS MPP leaflet and awareness raising at the Space Day in Székesfehérvár organized by MANT

On behalf of the Hungarian Astronautical Society (MANT)   Dr. Előd Both, public management senior advisor of the Hungarian Space Office, HUNAGI was invited to talk at the Workshop dedicated to the ESA accession -related issues. After the talks of the five invited speakers, a 60-min panel discussion is planned lead by János Solymosi, President of MANT. The Workshop will be held in Székesfehérvár, hosted by the Óbuda University on October 18, 2013. Working language will be Hungarian.

HUNAGI has the intention to distribute a dedicated two-page Hungarian version of a leaflet introducing the COPERNICUS Country Survey and Workshop. The electronic version will be disseminated prior the Workshop for the anticipated participants and for all members and partners of HUNAGI.
A Preliminary program 
Exhibition for the open public.

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