2013. október 8., kedd

Megállapodás Dr. Wolfgang Steinbornnal (DLR/DDGI), az EUROGI Copernicus MPP projektvezetőjével

Mai telefon megbeszélésünkön történt megegyezés összefoglalása:

"1.   HUNAGI will get the link to the rectified online survey today (Oct 7) evening 
2.    the questionnaire itself will not be translated into Hungarian whereas the introductory text will be
3.    the introductory text (the version that is enlarged by one paragraph and the INSPIRE/COPERNICUS table) will be linked-to in the header of the questionnaire
4.    email address of W.Steinborn and G.Remetey will be put at the bottom of the introductory text in case of further questions
5.    the survey will remain open until end October.
6.    if needed, HUNAGI will start a telephone campaign and give an extra week margin
7.    evaluation will be done in the form of excel tables by Catharina Bamps (EUROGI and G. Remetey (HUNAGI)
8.    the excel data will be transferred into graphs and late in a report 
9.    work about 7 and 8 must be finalised by end November and will be shared between EUROGI and HUNAGI
10.  the workshop programme will be discussed at the ExCom later this week"

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